Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New York's next mayor?

Thank you Stefan Mychajliw for sharing this post of a New York City Councilwoman walking out of her own press conference. Someone in the crowd made a disparaging remark about Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  The woman, Christine Quinn, then goes on a long rant about how undemocratic the man's  comment was.

In other words, regular people don't have a right to question their leaders, especially when they are billionaires. It's hard to believe New Yorkers would elect someone so thin skinned and foolish. I guess buying your own mayoral seat three times is "democracy" in her eyes. We feel so bad for poor Michael Bloomberg. He's the mayor of one of the world's biggest cities and someone called him a name. Hopefully, his feelings won't be hurt and he'll be able to recover. This woman was clearly trying to win favor with him by walking out.Instead, she made herself look like a complete fool. And they say she's one of the favorites to succeed Bloomberg. New Yorkers should be embarrassed with themselves if they elect her...

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