Monday, May 7, 2012

NY Post lowlife to write book on Cuomo

Remember Fred Dicker, the NY Post reporter who got into a shouting match with Buffalo's Carl Paladino during his gubernatorial run a few years back? He's writing an autobiography on the governor. So much for objectivity...

The title of book author for the governor comes a generation after his father, former Gov. Mario M. Cuomo, published books at a time when he was ruminating over a White House run.

Word of the autobiography comes a couple of weeks after Fred Dicker, the Post's state editor who has been close to the governor for years, announced a book deal for a biography of Cuomo. The Cuomo administration pledged its cooperation with the Dicker book, due out next year.

Dear Fred,

              Nobody cares about you, your book, or the entitled phony you prostituted yourself to. You're a scumbag and not the least bit interesting. I hope Cuomo runs for President so I can have more of my shirts printed up. This time, I will sell them across the country.  We got a Cuomo in office. Keep an eye on your wallet and guard it with both hands! They love overly dramatic speeches and stealing your money.
Cuomo to pen autobiography

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