Friday, May 25, 2012

City fails to cut vacant lots

 Let The grass in your yard go a week without cutting and you can expect a summons. However, live next door to a vacant city lot and the grass is most likely three feet high. Why would you expect city hall to live up to the expectations they have for it's citizens? Hey, somebody has to pay the next time a Comerford or a Scanlon needs a city hall job.

Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak apparently doesn't limit his excuse making to failed snow removal efforts. This guy has excuses ready for all seasons...

Comparing vacant lots to the backyards of occupied homes "is not comparing apples and apples," said Steven Stepniak, who heads the city's Department of Public Works, Parks and Streets.

"We started [cutting] April 30. It's a good time to get in," Stepniak said. "A lot of lots were spongy before that. Too soft for our equipment. We had a threat of a [snow] storm before April."

Wherever this guy goes, excuses seem to follow. I'd like to see all tickets suspended until the city gets it's act together. Don't hold your breath, though. One thing Byron loves more than anything is stealing your money.

Residents want city to make the cut

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  1. I wrote about the same thing a few months back, in regards to Carl Paladino, instead of the city (Both are pretty horrible at keeping up with property maintenance).

    Did Stepniak pull a Paladino, and blame the lack of maintenance on the neighbors too?