Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Scanlon buys off Charlie Fisher

Why can't Matt Fisher simply tell the truth and admit he is taking the sure money and compromising his principles? To deny the fact that a deal was brokered is comical and an insult to everyone fighting against the status quo...

Fisher, who previously said he would run for the seat in the fall whether or not he got the appointment, now says he does not plan to seek the elected post later this year.

Fisher said the combination of starting a new job and also being a family man with a wife and six children led him to decide not to run for the seat.

So, Fisher didn't know he had six kids and a wife when he announced his candidacy three months ago? This is right up there with "I'm leaving office so I can spend more time with my family" in the world of political cliches. Just look at the first comment underneath the attached article by career tool/Higgins yes-man Kevin Horrigan. That's all you need to know. Fisher has sold out to the neighborhood cockroaches for his big pay day. To deny that a deal was made is an insult to everyone's intelligence. Hey kids! What time is it?...
Scanlon hiring Fisher as senior legislative aide


  1. Absolutely disgusting. I hope they get what they deserve. Anyway scanlon is being set up for the decline of south buffalo and is going to be left with all the rejects of the perry projects. I am dishearted by matts choice .nothing like selling out your principals for job security.

  2. More bullshit coming from the mouths of Jigginistas and 3rd generation political hacks. It's jizz burpers like these low class scum bags that give all people from South Buffalo such a bad name for political opportunism.