Sunday, May 20, 2012

The new Detroit

What a beautiful day it was today. The basketball courts at Cazenovia Park must have been filled with young people. Oh, wait. Somebody stole the rims a couple of weeks ago and they haven't been replaced. If it were Delaware Park, Mayor Brown would have had them up the next day. But we thought "Mayor Brown's been good to the Comerfords, Lewis',Scanlons (insert career political family here)"...

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  1. Where are all the political hacks who sold their souls now? Why no complaints from the clique of South Buffalo's "First Families" about this slap in the face to our neighborhood? I thought they were all such important people? Surely, all the money they donated and the time they spent campaigning on the part of the current regime of thieves running City Hall would have merited an immediate response to such a slight. I thought this was their number one justification for why they prostituted themselves to the whims of local political bosses in the first place: so they could get things done for South Buffalo - so they could maintain "our" clout as a community in City Hall.

    Bullshit! This is yet one more illustration of what happens when people allow themselves to be led by idiots and refuse to think independently or critically. However, more than that, these missing basketball hoops in Caz Park serve as a perfect metaphor of what happens to a neighborhood when an arrogant elite selfishly look out for their own interests and neglect the needs of the group as a whole.

    You can bet that not one weasel from this group of South Buffalo, 3rd generation career political hacks and professional coat holders has rocked the boat in City Hall and asked why this deplorable situation in Caz Park hasn't been rectified. No, they're far more concerned with getting their kids a summer job in the City's Pools and Parks Department, or assuring that the building inspector's job they were promised gets through the Common Council, or being able to secure for themselves any number of cheap favors and petty trinkets doled out by party bosses and City Hall patriarchs.

    That's why I say these self-centered political operatives from some of South Buffalo's self-annointed "First Families" get nothing from me but my spit and disrespect at every turn.