Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tom Sullivan: Undocumented immigrant?

 Buffalo's a great place to accept a paycheck, but apparently many people can't be bothered actually living there. 

We can go way back to 1987, when Brian Higgins moved into a Pawnee Pkwy apartment, from his suburban Elma residence after announcing his candidacy for South District Councilman. Back then, anointings were much easier to do. Had the Blogger been around, High Pants might have been stopped in his tracks.

We all know Florida resident James Keane recently abandoned the neighborhood for Orchard Park. And everyone knows Jim Comerford lives in East Aurora, despite taking a hefty paycheck from the city. 

Can we add aspiring Council hopeful Tom Sullivan to this not so prestigious list? According to one reader, Sullivan may live in West Seneca...

Tom Sullivan works for Meegan in west Seneca. That proves two things. 1- he lives in West Seneca or he lives in South Buffalo and  is lying to the tax payers in WS. If he lives in WS, he's not eligible for the Council job. 2- If he really cared about his district he would not have left working for Kennedy because at least he could somehow represent the South District. Sullivan left for more money, I'm guessing. U know what, as I'm writing this I'm thinking wow sounds like a typical politician. 

If this is true, and he does live in West Seneca, Sullivan should be eliminated from consideration. If he lives in Buffalo, it makes you wonder why Sheila Meegan would give a hefty salary to a non-resident. Lots of questions on this one.

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  1. Sullivan should stick to pouring drinks. He can make a mean Cosmo. I really feel like this is way over his head. He's only about 24 years old. Besides if he got on the fire department he would quit the council in a second. That's not putting people first. Councilman should put the community first.

  2. is this sheila around 30 years old? if so it was his childhood neighbor

  3. sry i was wrong. but i definetly see a resemblance between the two. im sure they're related somehow, mike r they?

    1. Must be her daughter or niece. This Sheila Meegan was originally Sheila Walsh. She grew up in S Bflo. She would be in her mid 50's. Her father was very active in local politics for many years (Chris Walsh).