Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Hugging Priest

From the Not a Good Idea Department.... A "hugging" priest in Michigan will no longer hug young parishioners during mass, after one family wrote to the Bishop and said it "looked bad." The quick thinking man of God says he's going to give them fist bumps instead. Yeah, that'll look natural and unrehearsed...

For more than a decade, Father Bill Langlois of St. Patrick and St. Anthony Parish has offered children hugs during services. "When I would hug the kids, I would say, 'I am hugging you, you are hugging me and Jesus is hugging us,'" he said. 

Priest stops hugging kids during mass:

 Hugging Priest Switches to Fist-Bumps | Weird News - BIG 105.9 FM -- Miami's Classic Rock Station

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