Monday, May 14, 2012

Perkins Restaurants to close locally

It's a sad day for WNY. Perkins Restaurants are closing all their local businesses. I always thought Perkins was so much better than Denny's as far as food quality, cleanliness, and price. It seemed like the last couple years, they made no effort locally to stay in business. Friends and I wondered why they always closed so early. 

Some of the comments under WIVB's story had bad things to say about them, but I always had good experiences at the Perkins in Hamburg and the one on Transit Rd.  The local owner (Phil Gelsomino-no relation to Phil Viliapano) feels as though they might have been thrown under the bus by the franchise...

In a statement, Gelsomino said, "We were stunned at the franchisor's decision to put us out of business after 12 years of operations. We had paid them over $7.5 million in fees, stuck with them through good times and bad times - and what did they do? They put the brand into bankruptcy! It was just unbelievable. The franchisor had filed Chapter 11 in June of 2011. They filed due to the recession and a decline in sales nationwide. The brand was later bought out of Chapter 11 by an investment group who in my opinion has shown no loyalty to its franchisees and their customers."

All Perkins in WNY to close this Sunday |

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  1. Who gives a shit? WNY has more than its share of great places to eat that are owned locally... Seek one out that's to your liking and GO THERE.