Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In her own words...


No deal has been brokered. Yeah right! Here are the before and after words from Matt Fisher's wife on Facebook commenting last week on the appointment of Chris Scanlon...

-I can't believe with this interview, this resident (Chris Scanlon) will be appointed to the council before my husband Matthew Fisher  Hope to see you all during campaign season.... First party will be Thursday June 7th 6-8pm at Griffin's pub. 5/15/12

-It'll all come out.... remember to vote your conscience, not your connections. (On the Sins of the Father- an Artvoice article on the corrupt John Scanlon) 5/17/12

-I appreciate Mr. Beseker at least calling to get the facts, instead of others who "think" they know what the "deal" was. It is true and hopefully be a Win-Win for residents of South Buffalo.  (today)

Hahahahahhahhahahhahahahha! Last week, Scanlon's interview was terrible and "it will all come out" about his father. Now, it's a Win-Win for the neighborhood. Which is it? Spoken like a true politician. It's funny how one's perspective changes once a $47,000 deal is brokered. Outrageous!

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  1. Wow, I would post that at the buffalo news. Fisher can never be trusted. He was a snake when we were younger then he found god and was gonna be a priest in Georgia. He got a job that fell into his lap and again got lucky with Scanz hiring him. His wife is crazy and sooner or later will open her mouth and screw up fishers cake job.

  2. Some people are so phony!

  3. Lately, I've been embarassed to say I'm from South Buffalo. What's happened with Chris Scanlon and Matt Fisher makes me sick. I've read Artvoice the last couple of weeks and I like what I'm hearing from Burke. If he can show me a little bit more, he's got my vote. I read his letter in the Buffalo News today and it spoke to me. Burke, if you read this, step up your game and get Scanlon out of office!


  4. Wow! You're right about this Burke guy. I liked what I read. Better yet, I liked the fact that he actually posted real, concrete and new ideas. His offerings were not the usual bullshit you get out of the mouths of machine politicians - the ones coached by team Jiggins. There's no chance in hell any chance those lunkheads would have come up with something as innovative as what Burke proposed in his op-ed piece. It's refreshing not to hear some Jigginista recite the usual nonsense: "Uhm, I plan on working hard. Uhm, I plan on working closely with the neighborhood residents and block clubs and Congressman and, uhm, High Priestess Higgins' Office. Uhm, I have a good working relationship with the Building Inspectors and the police and, uhm, I promise we'll sweep all the crime and slumlords out of, uhm, South Buffalo" Yeah, right. How about some more good ideas? Try this: "I also promise to make texting, dancing and yoga against the law while driving in New York State. Uhm, it will be the biggest and best law that ever happened, and uhm, it will help Western New York and bring in, uhm, an estimated 150,000 new jobs to the area, uhm." Stopppppppppp! Please, I'm begging you!