Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Please DON'T fill the seat

I could care less whether they fill the South District Council seat or not. The only people who rely on politicians in their day to day lives are political hacks themselves. 

Council President Richard Fontana, who represents Lovejoy, says South District residents shouldn't worry about a lack of representation. He says residents have been using the city 311 system for reporting minor complaints, and he's made himself available to residents, even staffing the South District office with an intern who previously worked in the area.

In other words, none of us need these guys anyway. We pay them $50,000/yr for a job that doesn't need to be done. They should make all the seats part time, anyway. Trust me, the pool of potential candidates wouldn't go down. Even when we had a Councilman, Mayor Urkel didn't allocate any money to the South District, anyway. Why support a district where the people actually work for a living?

Please take the salary of the Councilman and his two full time aides and put them into neighborhood community groups. Seriously, this proves how unnecessary this position is to most peoples' daily lives. On second thought, why don't they just give the job to the owner of Abbott Pizza?
Abbott Pizza owner admits tax evasion

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