Monday, May 21, 2012

School sends boy home for 'black face' |

This 8 year old Colorado boy had a dream. He was going to dress up as Martin Luther King for his class project, even going so far as to paint his face black.

Of course, someone was offended. I don't feel sorry for him or his parents,though. He has one of those rat tails growing off the back of his head and the family appears to be speaking in the dialect of the unwashed. It is funny watching the little brat holding a press conference dressed as Dr. King, though. Lots of questions here. Why did the faculty member complain? Why did the kid's family have to go to the news and respond to the complaint? Hey mom: Get the little brat a haircut, give him his Ritalin, and buy him an Abe Lincoln costume next time...

School sends boy home for 'black face' |

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