Saturday, May 5, 2012

Council looking to shield Mayor Brown from scandal


I have to laugh when I hear people complaining about the South District's lack of "representation" on the Common Council. I swear some of the residents of this neighborhood wouldn't know how to take a leak without asking their Councilman. You think Paul Revere cared about who his Councilman was? I doubt it. Judging by the last 40 years I wish we'd have less representation.

 Having said that, I think citizens should take careful watch at what is taking place behind the scenes in the Council's latest fiasco. As I predicted, this appointment is 100% about politics and 0% about who will make the best leader. The whole process is making me sick, as both factions of the Council are searching for the person with the least backbone. They clearly are looking for the man/woman they think will be most willing to do their bidding.

In recent days, it's gone from slightly annoying to borderline criminal.  I was down in the basement in City Hall yesterday and a rat with a long tail ran by me and passed me a note. He said there was a good reason for the hold up.

According to the rat, Mayor Brown is looking to hush a lawsuit filed by the Cleveland Development Corporation, NRP. NRP has alleged that he conducted a pay to play extortion scheme in order to give the city's business to his good friend, Reverend Richard Stenhouse. That charge has already been made public.

From what the rat told me, NRP has some pretty serious dirt on Mayor Brown and Deputy Steven Mayor Casey. And the two of them do not want this information to go public. Through his latest yes-man on the Common Council, Rich Fontana, Brown is looking for a new South District Councilman he can control. From what I'm told, the mayor is looking to give NRP a settlement, in the hopes that they (and the dirt they are carrying) will go away. This is why Fontana was pushing non-resident Bryan Bollman in his quixotic bid for the seat. Without this important 5th vote on the Council, they can't make the allegations go away.

Just as Don Corleone warned his son Michael about an impending meeting where he would be snuffed out, South District residents need to keep a close eye on the new list of "applicants"...

So far, a total of five additional people have filed resumes seeking the appointment -- James J. Creahan, Kevin M. Lafferty, Christopher P. Scanlon, Thomas J. Sullivan and Chris Taylor.

Do not trust any of these people. Scanlon cannot escape his father's reputation. I can see political operative John P. Scanlon, calling Byron Brown right now with a deal to sell out South Buffalo. He would have no problem throwing you or I under the bus for his son's gain. One of the most pathetic things I ever witnessed was Mr. Scanlon marching for Byron Brown in the 2009 Labor Day Parade. I was embarrassed for him.

 If one of the new applicants gets the appointment, do not trust the integrity of the process. I'll guarantee a deal has been made to shield Brown from trouble.

Without representation, S. Buffalo grows restive
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  1. Tom Sullivan works for Meegan in west Seneca. That proves two things. 1 he lives in west Seneca or he lives in south buffalo and he is lying to the tax payers in ws. If he lives in ws he's not eligible for the job. 2nd thing if he really cared about his district he would not have left working for Kennedy because at least he could somehow represent the south district. Sullivan left for more money I'm guessing. U know what as I'm writing this Im thinking wow sounds like a typical politician.

  2. Why was it embarrassing for Mr Scanlon to be marching with Mayor Brown? Also, I'm willing to bet that if you walked door to door in South Buffalo, into homes like my parent's,
    you would hear story after story about how Mr Scanlon helped countless people obtain work. And not handouts. WORK. And asked for nothing in return like many politicians. No fanfare. And gave people the chance to feel good about themselves and start families in south buffalo where community strength endured. You should probably get all of your facts straight. But from what I can read on this blog, the facts have never been a major priority of yours.

  3. "Why was it embarrassing for Mr Scanlon to be marching with Mayor Brown?"

    Brown is an empty suit who has done nothing for Scanlon's neighborhood. The people who walked with him did so for their own personal gain. Everyone knows this. Tough talking Irish Democrats. But when push comes to shove:neighborhood parasites.