Saturday, October 9, 2010

Short memories

I was talking to Mark "Rogo" Rogowski the other day. We were talking about how some people do and some people do not appreciate it when you do something for them. Rogo used to run the bar on South Park, where the Nickel City Pharmacy now stands. He told me he would let his regular customers use his parking lot to have big parties for their childrens' birthday parties/1st communions, etc. He would not charge them, telling them only to make sure they tipped the bartenders inside.

He said some people were very appreciative. Others, however, seemed to have very short memories. When he had car problems or problems with his plumbing, he would turn to his customers for help. The same people that enjoyed the rent free party were now charging him $400 for a $200 brake job. It all comes down to greed.

So, the topic turned to the Senate race in the 58th district. The one Tim Kennedy was expected to be a lock for. Rogo said the political hack on Columbus Ave. called him a "traitor" because he put up some Jack Quinn signs on the street. Rogo's out in the neighborhood cutting the front lawns of elderly residents every week. Before that, he coached sports at St. Agatha's for over 25 years. This guy on Columbus Ave. works for the Buffalo Board of Education, Erie County (part time), and is on Congressman Brian Higgins' payroll for about $20,000.00/yr. For him to call Rogo a traitor, is comical. Was Rogo handed three government funded jobs (that he may or may not be showing up to)? Was Rogo the guy who turned his back on his own South Buffalo neighborhood to support Byron Brown last summer? I think he needs to rethink his statement and look up the definition of the word traitor.

Rogo estimates he will be asking 400 people whom he coached or does yard work for to support Jack Quinn. Most are happy to do it, since they value his opinion and appreciate the things he's done for their families and the neighborhood. That's an 800 vote swing, since most are registered Democrats. I've asked the over 1,000 people reading this blog weekly to consider Quinn. What's funny is, should Quinn barely defeat Kennedy, the same entrenched party hacks would never think to reach out to people that actually work in the neighborhoods. They'll say, "you cost us the election", but will never think about giving guys like Rogo a seat at the table. It is a crowded table, since most of the entitled are only looking out for their friends and relatives. Fortunately, tough times are allowing people to finally see through them. When this guy on Columbus Avenue tells you South Buffalo needs Tim Kennedy, he actually means his wallet needs Tim Kennedy. Remember, Kennedy was part of the "South Buffalo team" that supported Byron Brown last year, despite the residents overwhelming disapproval of Brown. What a clear example of Kennedy staying with the status quo. I hope people will remember this on November 2nd and support Jack Quinn. I know I will.

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