Monday, October 11, 2010

Strange speech

This campaign for governor has to be one of the strangest races in New York's political history. Carl Paladino's comments on gays on Sunday night can only be described as bizarre. From the NY Daily News...

His comments came a day after he told Orthodox Jewish leaders he doesn't want children "brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality" is acceptable.Paladino ignited a firestorm Sunday when he declared that being gay is "not the example that we should be showing our children."

"I don't want brainwashed into thinking homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option - it isn't," Paladino said to applause at a meeting with Hasidic Jewish leaders in Brooklyn.

I think I know what he meant. I think he was trying to say that he has no problem with gays. He just doesn't like homosexuality to be in your face. It's hard to turn on the TV these days without seeing flamboyantly gay people flaunting their lifestyle. I just don't think kids "become gay" by watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, although watching the Lifetime Network for more than 10 minutes could do the trick.

I'm also in agreement with Paladino, that a gay pride parade is not a place to bring your children(like Andrew Cuomo did.) I respect gay rights and abhor the recent violence against gays, but do not think kids need to see guys in leather grabbing on each other on floats. Bringing your kids to an event like that does not make you progressive. It makes you a bad parent. If I had kids, I wouldn't want them to see that. I also wouldn't want them to see men and women grabbing each other in strange costumes, either. It's 2010. Most people accept the fact some people are born gay, without having to watch them act it out on the streets.

My biggest problem with Paladino's comments is that they weren't his comments. He admits on the Today Show interview accompanying this article, that his speech was given to him by an Hasidic Jewish rabbi. He looked it over, omitted a very bad line, and agreed to read it. Was this done in exchange for money and support? The main reason I support Paladino is that he is not Mario Cuomo's entitled son. I've said from day one, I don't agree with all his positions but like him because he is his own man. Reading a special interest group's speech seems to fly into the face of this belief.

The ironic thing is that there are two sides to Carl Paladino. In real life, he's very kind to minorities and a very compassionate person. I've known people that have benefited from his generosity and who've been given second chances that other corporate big wigs wouldn't have given them. It's sad to see such a good guy do this to himself.

On a positive note, Paladino did pick up a key endorsement today from religious wacko Fred Phelps...


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  1. i dont agree with his oppinion he wont win this election if he keeps this up, more people that are homosexual dont appreciate this, because it is a freedom, and if he is keeping this freedom from them he will cause mayhem and no votesm thats what will come from these statements.