Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sean Kelley- West Seneca's "Likes to fight" guy

I write on here about unqualified, politically connected people getting hired for scarce jobs and some people think it's an exaggeration. One needs only to look at the case of former West Seneca police officer Sean Kelley to see what is going on every day in small towns and the city around Western New York. From the Buffalo News...

-And while Gehen declined to comment on the politics involved, other law enforcement officials said town officials -- mainly, then-Town Supervisor Paul T. Clark -- forced Kelley on the department when he was hired in early 2005.

-Detectives who conducted a background investigation on Kelley before he was hired told the chief that Kelley -- because of some past disciplinary issues when he worked for the town highway department and a past domestic abuse incident -- was not a suitable candidate for police work. The Town Board hired Kelley anyway.

-Field training officers who rode with Kelley during his first few weeks on the job told the chief that Kelley had attitude problems, including tardiness and a lack of motivation and was not suitable for police work. The chief kept him on anyway. "Gehen said he had no choice, because Kelley's father was so close to Paul Clark,"

-After he became an officer, Kelley was disciplined 10 times -- including four suspensions for a total of 57 days without pay -- according to federal court records. He was also ordered to attend counseling for alcohol abuse and anger management. In July 2006, he was reprimanded for entering the police cellblock, while off-duty, and offering an alcoholic drink to a female prisoner.

I strongly encourage people to read the full article. At every step of the way, people tried to tell authorities that this spoiled son of a political hack was unsuitable for police work. Now, he is under FBI investigation for beating up a bar patron after he called one of his on duty friends to be there for backup. That's a real tough guy. He wants to fight someone at the drop of a hat but he has to wait until two of his fellow, gun carrying officers get there-because he's too much of a coward to confront the person on his own.

Recently, he was arrested by Buffalo Police for fighting with them, after they were called to a Seneca St. bar to babysit him there. I hope the guy who was beaten up in the West Seneca incident sues the town and Kelley for everything they're worth. I don't want him to sue Mackie's (I like their chicken fingers.) The town deserves it for hiring the spoiled son of an Erie County Committeeman. The world needs ditch diggers, too.

Politics helped troubled officer get hired, avoid being fired - City & Region - The Buffalo News


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