Monday, October 18, 2010

Wouldn't you like an $80,000/yr part time job?

Bonnie Kane Lockwood sold out to Tony Masiello and supported the "temporary" garbage tax you get in the mail every year.

I'm sorry if the previous picture offended anyone. I write for the have-nots. Since I'm not a member of the elite group that gets awarded $80,000/yr. part time jobs, I consider it my obligation to inform those in my group. Nothing I'm writing is untrue. Here is the salary from To be born a Keane or a Kane in South Buffalo is a great thing (if you happen to be a Keane or a Keane). Not so great for the rest of us.

By the way, when I run into the average citizen (while reffing or coaching), they constantly tell me to keep up the great work and continue exposing you through the written word. Instead of whining about my articles to my innocent friends, you should confront me directly. Why won't you do that? Because you're too arrogant to lower yourself and talk to someone not in your clique. You might think you're better than me. I guess it's my job to inform you, you are not. I have no problem representing the unentitled, have-nots. There are many more of us than there are of you. Can we please have some of our money back?

Veronica Kane Lockwood (Bonnie) 01/01/08 01/02/08 Senior Field Representative-Special Projects $401.55

01/03/08 03/31/08 Senior Field Representative-Special Projects $17,668.44

04/01/08 06/30/08 Senior Field Representative/Special Projects $18,069.99

07/01/08 09/30/08 Senior Field Representative/Special Projects $18,069.99

10/01/08 12/31/08 Senior Field Representative/Special Projects $21,569.99

Look at this staff's payroll!

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