Sunday, October 24, 2010

The waterfront has been developed

A bunch of grandstanders showed up to celebrate the completion of waterfront development. No this is not a joke. They were actually serious. Why didn't they inform the general public of this shameless act of self promotion? We could have shown up with eggs and rotten tomatoes to throw at them. Hey fools: why don't you stop posing for the cameras and wait until something is actually accomplished over there? You can change the names on the signs all you want, but it will still be Welfare Beach until there is actual progress over there. Try not to tear any of your rotator cuffs while patting yourselves on the back . Brian Higgins calls a press conference on the waterfront every three days. He's not announcing anything! He's just trying to get more air time for Tim Kennedy. It's blatantly, obvious. Get off my TV...

In a related story, four people were seriously injured in a crash on the dangerous Skyway, which Brian Higgins and Tim Kennedy have fought so hard to keep open...


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