Sunday, October 10, 2010

Holding out for a hero

There's an interesting story in the Buffalo News today about the County Legislature downsizing debacle. Clerk Robert Graber (notice how the last names never change?) alleges that Dennis Ward has acted to prevent the measure from going before the public...

According to Graber, Ward assured him not to worry about the public backlash.

"It will blow over," said Ward, according to Graber. Ward told him that "the county attorney will wear it," meaning the county attorney would face the public's scorn, Graber said.

"We'll be heroes," Ward continued, according to Graber.

This is really blowing up in Ward's face. The measure will be going before the voters and he is looking like an upholder of the dysfunctional status quo. The Erie County Legislature is an irrevelant do-nothing body. They and their staff should be reduced from 15 to 0. Years ago, the all-volunteer Board of Managers did their job at no cost. It's time to return to that format and force this talentless bunch to the private sector...

Clerk cites effort to thwart Legislature downsizing - Erie County - The Buffalo News


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