Sunday, October 24, 2010

The kiss of death

What more evidence do you need that Andrew Cuomo is bought and paid for? The Buffalo News editorial board has endorsed Cuomo for governor of New York. Paladino supporters everywhere can be heard rejoicing in the streets. Listen to their outrageous reasoning. Career politicians are actually looking out for us. You just don't know it yet...

While it has become trendy to sneer at "career politicians," the fact is that a good one knows his stuff: how to work the levers of power to best advantage; who the players are; where the bodies are buried. Cuomo knows all that and he has laid out an approach for taking the state back from the special interests and the lawmakers they have bought.

Is the News serious? This explains why all Cuomo's donations have come from the very same special interests the News thinks he's going to take on. It's really reassuring that Andrew "knows who the players are." We know who the players are, too. That's why most people want to change the lineup...

Cuomo for governor - Buffalo News editorials - The Buffalo News


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