Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kaisertown and Lovejoy are sticking with Stack

We took our cameras and talked to residents in Kaisertown and Lovejoy about the upcoming race for State Senate in the 58th district. We stopped at Lucky's restaurant on Clinton St. and asked voters there who they were supporting. "I'm voting for Stachowski and I don't care what line he's on," said a man identifying himself only as Jack. "He has always taken care of this neighborhood and I hear he's hanging in there in the polls."

A man named Tony said, "I'm voting for Jim Kennedy. He seems to have what it takes..." Before he could finish his sentence, two other gentlemen reminded him that Kennedy supported Byron Brown and Antoine Thompson in recent elections. "He also took a cheap shot at Stachowski and cannot be trusted. If he wins, he'll fit right in in Albany. He's a bohunk," continued one of the men.

At the Wilson Farms store on East Lovejoy St., a man named Stan said he would be voting for Stachowski. "Stachowski has delivered for this neighborhood like no other politician. Mark Kennedy doesn't even know a single person down here and he's being backed by that fink, Steve Pigeon. He will forget about us as soon as he's elected. I'm sticking with Stack. He's the only elected official originally from our neighborhood. Kennedy might be a dyngus but he doesn't celebrate Dyngus Day." Another customer at the store named Betty said she was torn between Jack Quinn and Stachowski. "I kind of like both of them. Stachowski's been good for the neighborhood but Quinn is the only one with an actual five point plan to change Albany. I'm not even considering supporting that Larry Kennedy. He's Steve Pigeon's little lap dog." Whatever happens on Tuesday, it's apparent many people in the neighborhood are sticking with Stack and not too high on "Special" Ed Kennedy.


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