Saturday, October 23, 2010

Street sign fiasco

A federal mandate says every city needs to replace every street sign because some idiot decided the signs need to be in both upper and lower case letters. What this means is perfectly good signs will have to be replaced at taxpayer expense. New York City has calculated their new cost at $27 million.

I can see why they are pushing this ridiculous mandate. After all, our country is in such great shape financially. Unemployment is at an all time low. Now's the time to do this. Give me a break. Do these people from the Transportation Committee have any kind of common sense? Buffalo should refuse to comply with this nonsense...



  1. I wonder if the word "Localaties" was introduced at Harvard during Higgins or BHO's tenure. Sounds like a silver lipped way of hiding the words government or municipal. So what is Big Higgie doing about it then? Let's see what his silver forked tongue can produce now. The man is Pelosi's Bitch, let's see what she says.

  2. localities. that is a great word. just like "revenues" is used for taxes. or a career politician is actually a sacrificing "public servant". or "funding" is actually a political bribe.