Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Something stinks in France

Garbage strikes are the best. Who doesn't love seeing mountains of trash pile up for long periods of time? Especially rats, of course. You cannot count on the French to stay loyal,though. After fighting the new mandatory retirement age for weeks, the garbagemen and the dock workers were the first to break ranks. In typical French fashion, they must have gotten what they wanted and said, "Screw everyone else". From the Washington Examiner...

In Marseille, workers tackled some 9,000 tons of garbage that has piled up in the streets over the last two weeks of strikes. Authorities said it would take up to five days before France's second-largest city starts smelling like itself again.

"The uncollected rubbish is bringing rats," complained Melika Benslimane, a secretary. "We can no longer walk on the pavement because it's full of trash."

Marseille has another big problem: Its port has been blocked by striking dock workers, and oil tankers were lined up in the Mediterranean as far as the eye can see, awaiting entry to France.

Workers at five of the country's 12 oil refineries were back on the job Tuesday, Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said.

France's massive strikes start losing steam as some garbage, oil workers return to their jobs | Washington Examiner

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