Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kato arrested again

I remember when this guy was arrested back in 1998. I called the Buffalo News and had them issue a correction in their paper. The previous day, they had said David "Kato" Krause had been a coach in the South Buffalo Soccer League. I was running the league at the time. Krause did inquire about coaching before the season began. However, there were too many stories going around in the neighborhood where he had his card shop.

I let his business sponsor a team (we're still waiting for the check). I would not let him coach the team because some of the stories I was hearing seemed credible. I felt sorry for his two kids because they both were really good kids and didn't deserve all the publicity that comes with something this serious.When we turned him away, he went on to coach in West Seneca. Unfortunately, it looks like 10 years in the federal slammer hasn't taught "Kato" a lesson...

“He was arrested after an incident that was reported to the Cheektowaga police,” Assistant U. S. Attorney Paul J. Campana said of Krause. “There is no allegation of sexual contact, but there is an allegation that [Krause] did approach a 16-year-old boy.”

Authorities said Krause’s federal problems stem from his arrest by Cheektowaga police about Sept. 17 on a misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of a child. Authorities said he is accused of touching the boy, but not sexually.

Predator freed after prison term accused of contact with teenager - City & Region - The Buffalo News



  1. David "kato" krause is a faggot ass piece of shit he ruined my life my brothers life as well as most of my friends they let that scumbag work at our school "triangle academy" P.S # 28 he was a scout leader for troop 120 all them adults should be in investigated as well especially satin who owns the funeral home across the street from holy family churchnot only did he do what he did to me and my brother every one in the neighborhood knew about it too and tormented me about it made fun of me saying things like "oh kato" when they walked by us that mother fucker should be locked up for ever he is lucky i havent seen him cause when and if i ever do im going to make his life a living hell just like he did mine im not a 13 year old boy now

  2. I'd say the important thing to remember is that you didn't do anything wrong. You were only 13. I hope the authorities are aware of what happened to you so they can build more of a case.

  3. I actually went over his house in Elma in 1990 and he showed me his hot tub and all of his cards. I had no idea what a scum he was. Lucky for me I was bigger than him. I had no idea what his intentions were. Till I heard about all of you others. I felt sick. I wish he would have tried something on me. Because I would have told everyone. But he didn't. I have been buying and selling cards for 30 years now and I always felt he was unknowledgeable about the entire business of sports cards. He seemed to not ever follow sports... fags and molesters rarely do. Im happy hes going back to prison. Time for him to getraped again.