Saturday, October 2, 2010

Timon/South Park Brawl


I missed the big brawl at the Timon-South Park football game last night. I heard Tiger and Sparky the mascot were even throwing punches. I was invited to the game by friends but I chose not to go. It's too bad because I would have had my video camera rolling for sure. But I actually don't regret my decision not to go. I just can't stomach all the back-patting on the sidelines by unimportant people trying to be seen. Hey, I got three pensions. How many do you have? What number are you on this list? My kid should be playing more. What the hell do these coaches know? Some of these people think they're in Hollywood, instead of a small town in Upstate New York. From the Metro Community News...

There was talk all week that this game was going to get out of hand. Things really heated up toward the end of the week with some incidents happening at both schools on Thursday night. Some will say they can see it just because the schools are so close to each other. The kids know each other and some kids who started their high school careers at Timon are now at South Park.

After the play had ended a South Park player kicked the head of a Timon player, which then started a bench clearing brawl. Coaches tried to get their players under control as the cops ran onto the field to try and break up what was going on.

It was an ugly display of sportsmanship by South Park as they were losing the game. Some could say that Timon should have kept their cool – since they were winning the game anyways.

Nothing like "unbiased journalism" from the Timon graduate who wrote this piece. Seriously, this kid graduated from there, like three years ago. Personally, I love brawls. If it was started by a few kids who had been kicked out of Timon, then I actually think it's kind of funny. I've heard a lot of different stories so far.

First, I heard some South Park students vandalized Bishop Timon on Thursday night. I talked to someone close to a Buffalo Police officer who was at the scene. He said it was just something minor written on the grass at the school. He said no charges were filed because it was just a harmless prank associated with the rivalry.

Now, I'm hearing some Bishop Timon parents showed up drunk to the game. Nothing like setting a good example to your kids. I also heard a South Park player missed a tackle and kicked the ground out of frustration. I'm not sure if he accidentally kicked a Timon player or if it was on purpose. Anyway, I'm sure there was trash talking that preceded the fight. The refs probably could have prevented things from escalating. They should use videotape and identify any parents that stormed the field. That is ridiculous.

From what I understand there is a non-league chess match scheduled for next week between the same two schools at Bishop Timon. Extra security guards from the Galleria Mall will be brought in. They will be checking spectators at the door to make sure they don't use their pocket protectors as weapons. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure..



  1. Mike, where did you go to High School? Let me guess.....South Park? A little biased are we?

  2. I graduated from North Tonawanda HS but went to Timon for three years. And it was a great school.My guess is that both teams played a role in the brawl.