Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kristin Davis

Former madam for Eliot Spitzer, Kristin Davis is one to watch tomorrow during the gubernatorial debate. I don't smoke pot but I'm sure a lot of my readers have to to get through my posts. Davis is a Libertarian (no, that doesn't mean she checks out books). She is advocating for the legalization of marijuana. She has a major axe to grind with Eliot Spitzer, as she spent time on Rikers Island and he did no time. This debate should be interesting...



  1. Don't get me wrong prostitution is icky but she brings up a valid issue, while her and other women serve time, the people who patron prostitutes get off with a slap on the wrist. I don't think she would make a good governor but she definently is worth listening too. I actually am kind of impressed that Carl had involved 3 rd party candidates in the debate. 3 rd party candidates bring up issues that otherwise would be ignored. I am planning to vote 3rd party either way but it's nice to know others will hear their voices.

  2. She is a very smart woman. I'd vote for her over Cuomo. I think Paladino had no choice. Cuomo wants a crowded debate so he and Paladino could say less. If Paladino said no, Cuomo could have said, "see, Carl refuses to debate. I tried."

    I wanted them to let Nader debate in 2000 so I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't think this was fair. I just wish they could make it longer so that we could hear more from each candidate. Cuomo's just going to stall and say as little as possible. He's a mere actor. I heard a rumor that Davis has some major dirt on Cuomo and that was one of the reasons Paladino's people agreed to this format. Like most rumors in politics, it's probably false, though. We'll find out tonight. Thank you for reading my blog.