Monday, October 4, 2010

Board of Elections liars

This is really appalling. The Democrat and Republican in charge of the Erie County Board of Elections are working together to prevent citizens from voting to downsize the County Legislature. From what has been reported, both have relatives that stand to lose patronage jobs should the legislature be reduced. They are trying to use some ridiculous loophole, saying the wrong person handed in the paperwork! Give us a break. Dan Ward and Ralph Mohr: Everyone in Western New York knows you are lying and your efforts will fail. Stuff like this is what has people so angry at career politicians.

Downsizing advocate Kevin Gaughan and Erie County Executive Chris Collins are suing to make sure this referendum gets put on the ballot. Unbelievable. For Ward and Mohr to say (in this clip) that their efforts are not political, is an insult to anyone with half a brain. Admit you're wrong and put it before the people that pay your salaries.

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