Saturday, October 9, 2010

Are they serious?

The public wants to vote on reducing the size of the Erie County Legislature from 15 to 11 members. The two elections commissioners, using a very weak loophole, decided to prevent the measure from going to the voters. Judge Sedita ruled against the commissioners and said there would be a vote. Now, lawyers representing the commissioners are planning to appeal. So, your taxes will be paying to fund these parasitic lawyers and their attempt to protect the jobs of these commissioners' relatives.People should be outraged. Democrats and Republicans working in a bipartisan manner to screw the taxpayer once again. We need to get rid of these two clowns...

BUFFALO, NY - Lawyers representing the Erie County Board of Elections filed a notice of appeal Friday to Justice Frank Sedita's decision that a measure to downsize the County Legislature can appear on the November ballot.

The measure would allow voters to decide whether or not to shrink the size of the Erie County legislature from 15 members to 11.

Erie County elections commissioner Dennis Ward had said the wrong person turned the paperwork to the board of elections, so they (Board of Elections) took the measure off the November ballot.

Community activist Kevin Gaughan and several members of the Legislature fought that ruling in court and won.

In a statement Friday, Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul said, "I hope they reconsider the appeal. Taxpayers should not have to fund an effort that undermines their voting rights."

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