Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Higgins leads the country in no-show jobs


With it being the Halloween season, we thought it appropriate to see what treats Brian Higgins has been handing out to his bloated staff. Look at the bottom of this link for the full report. We are still conducting a private investigation into the salary of Rick "triple dipper" Finnegan. It must be nice to sell your soul to the highest bidder, especially when you represent about five votes.

Seriously, do you think it takes this many people to run an office? Wouldn't you love to know what these people do all day to earn these ridiculously high paychecks? Click on any of the names below to see their salaries. When you get your paycheck and see half of it is being taxed, at least now you know where it is going. Every one of these "public servants" has a Tim Kennedy sign on their lawn, too. Do you really think with this type of crowd backing him, he's going to change Albany? The guy's incapable of changing his own underwear, much less Albany.

Representative Brian Higgins (D-New York, 27th) - Staff salaries from LegiStorm

Maybe this guy was right...

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