Monday, October 4, 2010

Quinn-Kennedy race- a dead heat


According to a WKBW poll, the race for the 58th Senate seat is a dead heat. For what it's worth, here are a couple things to consider before November 3rd:

-Tim Kennedy was leading in the polls. He has a great political name. His change Albany slogan was a good one, albeit laughable to anyone that knows him. The race began to change when Kennedy made the mistake of speaking in public. For the first time, his constituents heard him, saw him, and said: "That can't be the guy we elected to the Erie County Legislature?"

-Kennedy likes to put his own political goals over the feelings of South Buffalo residents. Last year, he and the South Buffalo team, enthusiastically supported the uninspiring Byron Brown over South Buffalo resident Mickey Kearns. What a coincidence. Every member of the South Buffalo team had a $70,000/yr no-show job with the city! If you have a $70,000/yr no show job with the city, vote for Kennedy. Here's your chance to tell Kennedy You don't appreciate him prostituting South Buffalo to this guy...

-He is being backed by the expatriate Jim Keane.
Jim Keane and his relatives contested the signatures of two of his opponents in the primary. How is that for nerve? The guy lives in a Florida condo courtesy of our taxes for 9 months a year, and has the audacity to come back to South Buffalo in late summer and try and influence our elections. Change Albany? If Kennedy wins, there will be change in Albany alright. There will be 100 Keanes walking around Albany with more no-show government jobs. It took a long time but most are on to Jim Keane's predictable scams.

-Kennedy is being backed by the South Buffalo elf thief. Known for stealing kids' Christmas decorations off of "her" circles, the last person she sold out to was none other than Byron Brown.( even appearing in his commercials). I wonder how many flowers that bought her?
She is the captain of the South Buffalo team. If you truly care about the neighborhood, you can usually base your vote on whoever she is not backing.

-Kennedy is being backed by G. Steven Pigeon.
No single person has done more to screw over the residents of New York state than Pigeon. He is a bloodsucking parasite. He currently controls Kennedy's every move. He does not have our interests in mind.

Two days after Ed Koch and Alphonse DA'Mato, two New York City lobbyists, wrote their ridiculous letter against Carl Paladino, news cameras caught Tim Kennedy kissing up to Koch during his trip to city hall. Many of us would have told Koch to apologize for his cheap letter. Not Kennedy. He will do whatever it takes to further his career at the expense of the citizens. Here is the footage of this public relations nightmare:

I like Tim Kennedy's family. They are very nice but probably don't like me because of my opposition to him. Tim Kennedy cares about a very small select clique of South Buffalo residents. He cares about ushers at the arena. He cares about the Keanes. He cares about the political hacks from Columbus St. and Mckinley Pkwy. He cares about Brian Higgins' $80,000/yr secretaries. Most of his supporters want him to win so he can give them other jobs upon their retirement. They all have 2 or 3 government pensions and condos waiting for them in Florida (that you and I paid for). Not us. Since you and I are not part of this exclusive club, I am asking you to consider Jack Quinn. I don't work for Quinn. However, he has a five point plan to change things in Albany (and it will not involve giving unnecessary jobs to the Keanes). The South Buffalo rooster has told me he is distributing signs for him. If anybody wants one, please email me and I will make sure it gets on your lawn. I'm sure I'll get the inevitable comments saying I'm a jerk. That's fine. Please let me know what I said here that isn't true. If Kennedy and his small clique cared about the everyday people in their neighborhood, he would be running away with this race...


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