Saturday, October 16, 2010

Letter to the editor- Why do I think this guy is right?


This Native American letter writer thinks Red Jacket would be rolling over in his grave at the thought of a clown like Sam Hoyt using his name to promote himself. The fact that the people of North Buffalo keep reelecting this buffoon, forces me to categorize them as the dumbest voters in Erie County, with the possible exception of Antoine Thompson's supporters...

Hoyt has proven he is no friend to Senecas

An interesting thing happened on Oct. 10 in Forest Lawn. Assemblyman Sam Hoyt participated in the unveiling of the refurbished Red Jacket statue—a Seneca statesman of historic importance who was reinterred in Forest Lawn a century ago with a Christian burial in conflict with his strongly held cultural convictions. Hoyt apparently was integral in securing the historic preservation funds that made the face-lift possible. No official representative of the Seneca Nation was invited to the event.

Hoyt is no friend to the Senecas. He has openly opposed Seneca economic development efforts through our enterprises, despite federal policy supporting Indian gaming as a means of economic self-sufficiency. And he has regularly voted to violate our treaties and impose state taxes on the commerce occurring in our territory.

On Red Jacket’s monument is his famous statement: “When I am gone and my warnings are no longer heeded, the craft and avarice of the White Man will prevail.” Hoyt typifies the modern Indian fighter that Red Jacket foretold. At the same time Hoyt pays homage to a long dead Indian made out of mortar and proclaiming respect for Seneca culture, he does what he can to use his office to reverse Seneca economic advancement.

Rather than merely pay lip service to our Seneca ancestors, Hoyt should do more to help living, breathing Seneca people, as well as his own constituents. The evidence is clear: When American officials support Seneca sovereignty, the Seneca Nation grows stronger and so, too, does the entire Western New York region. If he can name another business that has created 5,000 jobs in the last eight years, then I stand corrected. Until then, I suggest he spend less time using dead Senecas for political props.

Richard Nephew

Chairman, Seneca Nation Council Cattaraugus Territory


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