Friday, October 8, 2010

Audio clip of Tim Kennedy


Here's an audio clip of Tim Kennedy at a recent debate with Jack Quinn. It sounds like a stand up comedy routine. Kennedy explains how he went to St. Joes to get away from South Buffalo and "better himself."Probably not the smartest thing to say when South Buffalo occupies half of your district. Then, he talks about his history of creating jobs. I was laughing so loud I almost spit food onto my computer. Seriously, this guy has never created a job in his life. It's funny that guys like him say that all of the time and are never questioned about it. Brian Higgins. He creates jobs. He created Kennedy's job, Bonnie "Garbage Tax" Kane-Lockwood's job, other no show jobs, and a bunch of other public sector jobs for South Buffalo hangers-on.

Kennedy then talks about working in the private sector for 11 years. What's he talking about? He went straight from college to being handed a seat on the Erie County Legislature, after royally kissing Brian Higgins' behind for several years.

Finally, Kennedy likes to deny being involved with WNY's biggest parasite Steve Pigeon. However, I found this clip someone secretly filmed of Kennedy leaving a strategy meeting in Albany with Pigeon, convicted scumbag Pedro Espada, and some other members of the Hitler Youth. I will be voting two or three times on Election Day for Jack Quinn. Kennedy is completely FOS and will do and say anything to make himself look good. Too many people realize this and are supporting his opponent.


  1. Mike you have a face for radio!!!! Just messing with you, funny stuff!!!!

  2. You do not get as fat as Antoine Kennedy if you are a hard worker.

  3. hahaha, you were right the first time! i'm just trying my hand at all kinds of media to see if i can be equally bad at each.

  4. slim quinn said...

    You do not get as fat as Antoine Kennedy if you are a hard worker.

    i like it, Antoine Kennedy...the funny thing is he has no job right now. the EC Legislature is a no-show job. some of those clowns have full time jobs. $43,000 to get up at noon and start campaigning for your next job? has anyone ever seen anyone in his office on s park? the EC Legislature should be eliminated and replaced with an all-volunteer Board of Managers. What a waste of money.