Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Who cares who the News endorses?

I love how the Buffalo News claims to support change, yet keeps supporting the same incumbents year after year...

Thus, it would seem no incumbent would be safe in the upcoming Nov. 2 general election. Yet some incumbents earn their keep. So it is with two Western New York representatives whom The News enthusiastically endorses.

This paper is an embarrassment. The people on the editorial board are out of touch with the people who buy their newspapers. Why are they endorsing anybody? Nobody cares who the News likes. What credibility do they have?All they do is take stories from the Associated Press and pass them on to the readers. Fortunately, everyone is getting their news online these days. I've recycled stories from the Associated Press on this blog and then seen the news print the same story three weeks later! Donne Esmonde has an embarrassing schoolgirl crush on Brian Higgins. Bruce Andriarch should be writing for a Middle School newspaper.

I do this part time. I have a freaking Phys Ed degree, and probably spend 1-2 hours a day reporting and writing stories. The News has a huge, full time staff and their articles leave a lot to be desired. Why would anyone take stock in who they endorse for anything? They're obviously bought and paid for. I have more respect for the West Seneca Bee.


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