Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jack Quinn for Senate

Don't forget. Timmy-boy was part of the "South Buffalo team" that supported Byron Brown over lifelong South Buffalo resident Mickey Kearns. He wants you to forget this fact. Please remind him on November 3rd that we have long memories around here...


  1. Mike, refresh my memory... Jack Quinn has been in Albany for how many years already? He has done what for our area in those years? He is just as much of a political hack as his father! I'm not going to take the time to go through all of your past posts, but I am pretty certain that you had some negative comments about the younger Quinn a few months back as well. Why are you so quick to jump on his bandwagon now? Kennedy changed his mind about Stachowski and you bring it up over and over again... you bad mouth Quinn, but now you support him? You confuse me Mike!

  2. "Kennedy changed his mind about Stachowski and you bring it up over and over again"

    And I'm going to keep bringing it up to the 1,300 people who read my blog each week. He doesn't have a mind to change. Two years ago, he was with Stachowski because Higgins told him to be with him. This year, he was against him because Higgins and Pigeon told him to run against him. That's my whole point.

    It's a close race. Tim is expected to win. He's the Democrat in a heavily Democratic district. Tim's mistake is he doesn't respect the people in his district that actually get things done out in the community. That's why many are supporting Quinn now.