Thursday, October 28, 2010

Darius Pridgen wants you to know your rights as a shoplifter

Are we missing something here? Darius Pridgen held a forum at his church which should have been titled "Know Your Rights as a Shoplifter." The people at the forum are upset because they are being arrested in the act of shoplifting and not after they've actually left the store with the stolen property...

The gist of the complaints, according to Pridgen, is that Cheektowaga police are arresting people for shoplifting without evidence of stolen merchandise at the time of their arrests, which are being made merely on the say-so of retailers.

“That’s really dangerous, because we don’t know what life would deal us in six months. But they shouldn’t be charged if there is no merchandise,” Pridgen said after the meeting.

Yeah, because store clerks have nothing better to do with their time than falsely accuse people of shoplifting. Here's an idea, Darius: Tell your congregation to stop going into stores with the intent of stealing merchandise! It's a little something known as the 7th commandment.

Is this what our founding fathers envisioned? A society where we complain that thieves are not being treated with enough respect and dignity? If Pridgen feels customers are being unfairly targeted because of their race, he should come out and say it and stop with this nonsense. His argument in this article is ridiculous. The clothes that lady just stuffed down her purse? She was planning on taking them out and paying for them, right before the rude clerk stopped her and had her arrested. Isn't that what every well intentioned customer does, hide products in discreet places?

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