Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tops restores B-Kwik on Seneca St.

I spoke to Assemblyman Mark Schroeder a few weeks ago about doing some articles about the attempted revitalization of Seneca St. He mentioned the photos inside the newly refurbished Tops (formerly B-Kwik) and the new Tim Hortons next door as potential stories.

I was always a fan of this store, even before they fixed it up. I like smaller stores where you can pick something up quick. They also have always had a great selection of fresh fruit in the store. The store looks so much better on the inside as well as the outside since Tops decided to invest a few bucks into it. Anyway, whoever came up with the idea for the pictures did a great job. In case you haven't been inside in awhile, I took a quick tour of the store. Thank you to my old friend from the Old 1st Ward Center, Justin Jacobson, for letting me film inside the store.

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