Wednesday, March 24, 2010

crime stats 3/15-3/21

Monday March 15th

155 Bailey(NOCO)--shoplifter--1 arrest---Dennis Reiber..Trowbridge
391 Paerry--larceny---wallet stolen
155 Good-larceny--2 GE air conditioners taken from the porch.
111 Frank--Burglary--laptop,DVD player,cash stolen...possible suspect listed.
108 weiss--Burglary--rear door open...4 mont pitbull puppy stolen.
2325 S Park(Kutter Hair Salon)---Burglary--1 arrest--Francis Smith...Maple Grove...Lackawanna
124 Imson--Burglary of the garage--hinges broken off shed--2 ATV's stolen.
208 Amber--Burglary--2 unk males forced way into house--42" & 38 " tv's,SONY computer,cellphone stolen.
SPark/Josie--Assault--rock thrown at victims head...4 possible suspects listed.
73 Manitoba--crim mis to a car--nail put in tire
65 Wheelock--harassment--suspect listed
22 Pomona--Assault--suspect listed.
1315 Seneca--larceny--cell phone stolen by known person
58 Clifford--ID theftMcLelan/Choate--Contempt of court order--suspect listed.
1617 S Park--Search warrant --suspect not home--drugs recovered
Seneca/Duerstein--1 arrest--drugs--Angelica Dunworth..Lockwood ave
Southside/Abbott--1 arrest--DWI--Charles Donahue..Barton st
202 Weimar--Assault--suspect listed.

Tuesday March 16th

Seneca/Elk--1 arrest--V&T/Criminal Impersonation--Christopher Holor...Essjay..Williamsville
99 Richfield--Harassment--warrant card issued.
Hopkins/Pembine--Assault--1 arrest--Darryl K Barnes...Kilhoffer st
2330 Seneca--1 arrest--False Personation--Erick W Fountain..Perry st..also Cheek PD warrant
34 Paul pl--Contempt of court order--suspect listed.
Durant/Trowbridge--crim mis to a car---windshield broken.
544 Abbott--Burglary--laptop stolen
Baraga/Hopkins--threats--suspect listed.
1928 S Park--larceny--checks stolen.
117 Norman--Child Endangerment--suspect listed.
132 Gilbert--UUV
24 Princeton--Burglary--purse stolen
68 O'Connell--crim mis--car window broken
45 Frank--threats--suspect listed.

Wednesday March 17th

Hopkins/Amber--1 arrest--drugs--Wayne Wells jr..Marilla st
644 Bailey--Robbery--victim was robbed by 2 B/M's,ski masks,black hodies,blue jeans,blk sneakers,large black handgun..took cash and fled in a gold Jeep SUV west on Clinton.
1682 Clinton st--1 arrest--drugs--Tara Gavigan...Sandra dr..Lackawanna
S Park/Olcott- 1 arrest--False Personation--Eric address
398 Dingens--crim mis--entry door broken
406 Dingens(Dickies Donuts)--entry door broken--possible suspect listed
30 Glendhu--tresspassing
20 Lester--Assault--suspects listed.
164 Parkview--harassment---suspect listed.
688 Hopkins--RUUV
96 Abbott--Burglary--suspect listed.
1619 S Park--crim mis--window frame damaged
103 Weimar---Larceny--warrant card issued.
936 S Park--Burglary--window broken--42" tv,SONY playstation stolen.
601 McKinley--crim mist to a car--raer window broken
17 Dingens--harassment--suspect listed
161 Mackinaw--crim mis to a car--drivers side window broken
346 Hopkins--crim mis--suspect listed.
133 Trowbridge--1 arrest for Violation order of protection 3-14-10----Nicholas Stanson..Koester
5 Clifford--crim mis to a car--rear pass vent window broken
30 Clifford--crim mis to a car--driver side window broken
230 Miami--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass window broken,speakers & Amp stolen.
11 Clifford--crim mis to a car--raer pass window broken
76 Roberts--larceny- license plates stolen
1832 Clinton--crim mis--lock damaged on Buffalo News box

Thursday March 18th

156 Woodside--Burglary--fish tank stolen--possible suspect listed.
49 Hollywood--Assault--suspect listed.
244 Southside--larceny--X,WII system stolen.
647 Bailey(Tim Hortons)--larceny--donation box stolen off front counter.
Hillery Park--crim mis to a car--rear windwo damaged.
339 Mystic--threats--suspect listed.
76 Roanoke Pkwy--ID Theft
Seneca/Buffum--1 arrest--Drugs/V&T--Robin Fuller...Hillery
20 Lester--crim mis--door damaged
140 Arbour lane--threats--1 arrest--Tina Zowistowski...
26 Glendhu--Assault--1 arrest--Kevin Kellar
591 Hopkins--larceny--bank card used..suspect listed.
688 Fulton---larceny--suspect listed.
66 Crystal--harassment--warrant card issued.
474 Abbott--larceny--2 purses stolen.
53 Strathmore--crim mis--brick thrown thru car window--1 arrest--Jessica Feeney..Hess rd ..Appleton NY
537 Willet--2 arrests--drugs--Jonathan Walker..Bailey ave,Ronald Newman
156 Peabody--larceny from a car---coat stolen
1024 McKinley--1 arrest--Contempt of court order--Darryl Barnes...Kilhoffer
11 Athol--Assault--1 arrest--Andrew Kelschenbach..Willaim st ..Cheektowaga

Friday March 19th

121 Pawnee--suspicious person--victim states a W/M,black hair,black jacket..grey van..was staring at her.
422 Marilla-- phone harassment--unk person
34 Cazenovia--id theft--account opened in victims name.
77 Sheffield--UUV
33 Melvin--UUV
63 Kingston--Burglary--kitchen set,clothing stolen.
Seneca/Ryan--Robbery/UUV--3 arrests--Allen Jones...Leamington,Shannon Black..Ellen drive..Cheektowaga,Tara Wasik..Leamington

Saturday March 20th

84 Parkview--UUV
Smith/Elk-Assault--victim struck in head witha baton--possible suspect listed.
1667 Seneca--Burglary--door kicked in ,clothing taken
167 Parkview--Burglary--door kicked in...DVD player,XBox,ring and meds taken.
8 Huessy--Assault--suspect listed.
15 Norman--Assault--1 arrest--Shannon Baykowski
1 Griswold--harasment--1 arrest--Darryl Ransom
90 Southside--theft of services--tenant tapes into direct TV signal.
121 Southside--harassment--suspect listed.
140 Coolidge--Viol order of protection--1 arrest--Debra Wrobel
A District--1 arrest--warrant--Douglas Nowicki..Ellicott..Colden NY
Fulton/Hamburg--1 arrest--warrant--Brandon Ortiz..Kenefick
2346 Seneca--Burglary--inside doors damaged.
Hillary Park--Forcible touching--victim reports 10 B/M did grab her and fled into woods behind school.

Sunday March 21st

202 weimar--Contempt of court from 3-15-10--1 arrest--Wallace Kopinski
25 Zittel--larceny from a car--IPOD Nano,Camera stolen.
37 Hobart--Assault--suspect listed.
199 Culver--crim mis/larceny from a car---door pryed open--1 dual DVD player,Alpine speaker,Alpine Amp stolen
Abbott/Alsace--Accident--1 arrest--DWI--Kevin Bednarz..Norfred drive..Lackawanna
58 Clifford--Assault--suspect listed.
942 McKinley--larceny--W/M did run out doro with Pioneer car speakers
38 Weiss--crim mis--rock thrown thru window
94 Weimar--harassment--suspect listed.
193 S Legion--harassment--
Pomona/Seneca--harassment--suspect listed.
22 Arbour lane--crim mis-----car trunk written on
710 Ohio--tresspassing--7 arrests
29 Duerstein--contempt of court order--1 arrest--Tim Jablonski..Chamberlin dr..W Seneca
195 Culver--larceny--suspect listed.
35 Hayden--1 arrest--drugs--Jason Pilarski
110 Southside--larceny--Debit card stolen and used at various locations
698 Hopkins--Burglary--rear door panel forced in--2 cameras,jewelry stolen.

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