Thursday, March 18, 2010

crime stats 3/8-3/14

Monday March 8th

24 Leamington--larceny--checks stolen from mailbox
2267 S Park--Burglary--entry thru rear door,paperwork stolen
73 Culver--RUUV
22 Leamington--1 arrest--possesion of stolen checks,Forgery---Melinda Russell...Leamington..2nd suspect listed.
48 Whitfield--Crim mis--storm window broken
48 Whitfield--crim mis--inside front window broken with a red ball
65 Wheelock--threats--suspect listed.
1701 Seneca--Crim mis--window broken with a rock--1 arrest--Stephen Dummitt jr..Hopkins st
546 Fulton--threats--suspect listed.

Tuesday March 9th

Ohio/Moore---Arson/Larceny from a car--window broken,car seat stolen,car started on fire.
49 Euclid--Assault--1 arrest--Timothy Murray..Seneca st
2235 S Park--larceny--cricket cell phone stolen off counter.
2426 S Park--Assault--suspect listed.
2426 S Park--Assault--1 arrest--David Schmelzinger...Macamley st
146 Walter--threats--unknown suspect
48 Hillside--ID Theft--debit card used for unauthorized internet orders.
150 Southside--harassment---1 arrest--Karina Lopez...Amherst st
156 Pries --crim mis--chimney damaged
2277 Seneca--harassment--suspect listed.
1907 Seneca--1 arrest--V&T/Drugs--Michael Mills jr...Cazenovia st
1323 Seneca--threats/Obstructing--1 arrest--Patrick Chmiel...Berg rd
120 Childs(Rigitized Metals)--4 arrests--tresspassing---David Stehler..Highgate,Michael Tasenski..Highgate,Jason Smolinski...Meyers,Vincent Graber..Brooklane..west Seneca

Wednesday March 10th

1460 S Park--larceny---known person stole credit cards and used same.
17 Tamarack--larceny--cell phone stolen from Boys & Girls club.
155 Bailey--larceny--known person used stolen credit cards.
2348 Seneca--Shoplifting--B/F & B/M did steal 5 bottles of grey goose Vodka.
58 Rejtan--larceny--1 arrest--Robert Tworkowski
10 Glenn--Burglary--known suspect cut lock off and damaged inside door.
245 Bailey--1 arrest--DWI---Charles J House...Kirby ave..Lackawanna
228 Weiss--Tampering with a witness by known person
870 Tifft--harassment--suspect listed.
1 Fulton(Casino)--counterfeit money
Abbott/Southside--Gang Assault--suspects listed.
73 Pawnee--threats--known suspect.
2097 Seneca--tresspassing--1 arrest--Curtis Stevens...Stevenson st
18 Mt Vernon--threats---unk suspect

Thursday March 11th

147 W Woodside--harassment--suspect listed.
62 Indian Church--Burglary--suspect listed.
25 Alsace--larceny--black metal Arbour with gate stolen from front lawn.
1180 Abbott--larceny--dealer plates stolen.
39 Boone--Assault--1 arrest---Andrew Jablonski
40 Wheelock--Burglary--Video equipment stolen.
2311 S Park--crim mis--1 arrest--Felix Vellon...Ashton
1989 Seneca--Assault--1 arrest--Edward Powers..Seneca st
208 O'Connell--crim mis/larceny from a car--dash damaged..CD player stolen.
Southside/McKinley--1 arrest from gang assault on 3-10-10--Cody Poppenberg...E Eagle
299 Abbott--larceny--package from UPS stolen.
150 Southside--harassment---known suspect
169 Folger--larceny--schoolchecked stolen from mail & cashed.
Quinn/Orlando--2 arrests--Drugs---Amir Williams..Walden Ave,Daniel Barr..Orlando

Friday March 12th

722 Hopkins--UUV--1 arrest--Jill Szlapak...Grant st...Angola NY
129 Abbott--Crim mis--back door to Chicken N Pizza works damaged.
100 Orlando--larceny--license plates stolen.
220 James E Casey--crim mis/larceny from a truck---vent window broken--GPS,TV/DVD player,clothes stolen.
194 Miami--crim mis/larceny from a car--hatch lock broken..AMP stolen.
Clinton/Wheelock--shoplifting--1 arrest---Jose Borgos...Weaver.
Bailey/Dingens--Accident injury--1 arrest --DWI--Erin Kelleher..Boll st
2188 Seneca--Crim mis--tire slashed
281 Barnard---Contempt of court order--known suspect
S Park/Buffalo--1 arrest--drugs--Christopher Mount..Latona Ct
1830 S Park--threats with a gun--known suspect.
422 Louisianna--1 arrest--Contempt of Court---Porter Jones..sweet st

Saturday March 13th

568 Exchange--Burglary--entry thru rear door--DVDplayer,Time warner cable box,Am/FM radio stolen.
1460 S Park--larceny--stolen credit card used by known person
608 S Park--larceny--1 arrest--Porter Jones..Alabama st
129 Trowbridge --Assault--suspect listed.
209 weiss--Burglary--suspect listed.
58 Pomona--threats--suspect listed.
39 Buffum--harassment--suspect listed.
Elk/Smith--1 Arrest--V&T,Obstruction--James Blatt..Euclid
S Park/Amber--assault--suspect listed.
S Park/Lee--1 arrest--V&T,Resisting arrest--Denise Lemke...Gibbons st
79 Ladner--drug dealing---2 suspects listed.
85 Vandalia--1 arrest--Joseph Zientek jr
360 Mineral Springs---Burglary--forced open man door..yellow Poulan chainsaw and tools stolen.
2342 Seneca--crim mis--front window broken--1 arrest--Nicholas J Finnegan..Weaver st
384 Louisianna--crim mis--1 arrest--Thomas Kitchen
79 Ladner--Search Warrant---3 arrrests for Drugs--Jamal Griffin..Winstead..Lackawanna,Daniel Hanrahan..Ladner,Christine Cordova..88th st..Niagara Falls

Sunday March 14th

27 Dallas rd--larceny from a car--Jensen flip up radio/DVD player,speakers,amp stolen.
226 Stevenson--Burglary--kitchen door pryed open--jewelry,lottery tickets stolen.
39 Fredro--Assault--known suspect listed.
A District--Rape--victim states she was taken to unkown location by a person she knows and was sexually assaulted.
133 Trowbridge--Violation Order of protection--known suspect
164 Parkview--crim mis--1 arrest--Jason L Norris..Parkview
19 Seminole--larceny--suspect borrowed 2 ladders and never returned them.
128 Baitz--larceny from a car--dual DVD player stolen.
135 Whitehall--crim mis--vehicle scratched.
1329 Clinton st--larceny--suspect listed.
143 Weaver--Assault--suspect listed.
100 Weaver--V&T stop--1 arrest--Daniel J Paul..Weiss--drugs

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  1. Jill szlapeks boyfriend robbed me of $2000 (named peter christopher) and I am a unemployed single mom. Anyone know his address? He supposedly stays with jil out in Angola somewhere. I want to report him to the police but i don't know his address.