Monday, March 29, 2010

crime stats 3/22-328

Monday March 22nd

1545 William--Burglary--Storage unit--Appliances stolen.
1460 Clinton--larceny from a vehicle---tools and tool bag stolen.
100 Mariemont--threats--suspect listed
15 Norman--threats --suspect listed.
2375 S Park--crim mis to a truck--side vent window damaged.
428 Perry--threats
718 Hopkins--1 arrest--warrant--Ronald Barney...S Hampton
97 Pierce--crim mis/harassment--suspect listed.
90 Southside--V&T --1 arrest--DWI--Peter Flanigan..Big Tree rd..Hamburg
83 Weaver--threats--suspect listed.

Tuesday March 23rd

159 Selkirk--Arson Fire--1 arrest--Jamie Wild..Heritage farm rd
299 Cable--Burglary--suspect listed.
303 S Division---Burglary--42"tv,WII,Dell computer,printer,19" tv and DVD player stolen.
Clinton/Bailey--larceny--wallet stolen
107 Pries--Crim mis--broken drivers window,stereo damaged
271 Mackinaw--crim mis--front drivers tire slashed
19 Melvin--Assault--1 arrest--John Williams
58 Pulaski--phone threats--

Wednesday March 24th

88 Red Jacket--larceny from a car/drugs--1 arrest--Dennis M Lyons..Arbour lane...
268 Holly--Burglary--door kicked in--inside door damaged.
154 Scoville--UUV
85 Vandalia--Burglary--Playstation 3 stolen.
78 Mariemont--larceny from a car--GPS,Amp stolen.
129 Louisianna--Fraud--suspect listed.
2348 Seneca--larceny--wallet stolen from counter.
244 Southside--Comtempt of court order--1 arrest--Carl wells...Bickford st
537 Willet--tresspassing--suspect listed.
888 S Park--RUUV
182 Whitehall--crim mis--lawn damaged.
127 Elk--crim mis--warrant card issued.
163 Southside--crim mis--windshield broken--2 supects caught,parents to make restitution.
A District--1 arrest---warrant--Ronald E Melson--Rother st

Thursday March 25th

565 Abbott--Mercy Hospital Ramp--man breaking into cars--1 arrest--Jeremy Clark..Davidson st
2133 S Park--shoplifter---1 arrest--Dennis Stilb jr...Tifft st
51 Pritchard--UUV
137 McKinley--2nd arrest for Burglary from 3-7-10--Joseph Swartz..Zittel
159 Selkirk--Arson--2 additional arrests---Lena Jindra,Joseph Swartz
124 Roanoke--crim mis--2 windows broken,ignition damaged,stereo system damaged.
S Park/Crystal--Contempt of court order--warrant card issued.
600 Hopkins--crim mis--window broken--suspect listed.
116 Trowbridge--threats--suspect listed.
19 seminole--larceny from 3-12-10--1 arrest--Dennis Keller..Elkhart..Lackawanna
68 Hayward--drugs--1 arrest--Carlos Rodgers..Chicago st
Louisianna/Perry--Obstruction/False impersonation--2 arrests--Jeffery McCrayer..Alabama,Mark Carpenter
Seneca/Kamper--Assault--suspect listed.
51 Pritchard--RUUV
114 McCamley--threats--suspect listed.

Friday March 26th

261 Woodside--Burglary--hot water tank,sump pump stolen
200 Orlando--Robbery--2 arrests--Dennis Green..Orlando,Dennis Benzel..BradfordA District--1 arrest--warrant--Michael Wilk..Cresent ave
2360 S Park--crim mis--suspects did pull knife and towed victims vehicle away.
162 Gilbert--UUV
175 Como--larceny from a car--GPS,camera stolen
300 Dorrance--Fraud--6 checks cashed without victims knowledge
181 McKinley--larceny--suspect listed.
S Park/Katherine--harasment--suspect listed.
33 Mount Vernon--crim mis/harassment--1 arrest--Kali Smith..Sidney st
354 Katherine--harassment--suspect listed.
A Distric--1 arrest--warrant---Michael Wilk...Cresent ave
2360 S Park--crim mis--window broken
1540 Seneca--crim mis to a car--windshield broken.
246 Bailey--Drugs--3 arrests--Aime Wheeler...Majestic..lackawanna,Glenn M Zoizack...Pittsburg st..Hamburg,Rodney Johnson..Fulton st.
A District --1 arrest for prvious larceny---Kim Montague..Indian Church..West Seneca
597 Fulton--harassment
162 Gilbert--RUUV
A District--Sexual assault from Trowbridge--suspect listed.

Saturday March 27th

117 Hayden--threats--suspect listed.
727 Bailey--larceny--purse stolen--GPS taken--purse recovered in mens room.
611 Fulton--tresspassing--3 arrests--Raymond Felchow..Mackinaw st,Carissa Bochenski..OKell,Angel Davis..Richfield
418 S Park--Gang Assault--6 unk males assaulted victim
135 Gilbert--Burglary--unk entry--Laptop,Digital Camera stolen.
2022 Seneca--crim mis1 arrest--John Gugino..Ryan st
646 Hopkins--crim mis to a car--rear window smashed--2 arrest--Walter Lake..OKell st,Elizabeth Lawler..Abbott rd
130 Kelburn--Burglary--$50.00 removed from victims purse,posible suspect listed.
135 Gilbert--Assault--suspect listed.
Cornelia/S Division--larceny--2 arrests--Todd Borkowski...E Eagle st,Richard Swartzmeyer..Wagner st...Sloan.--suspects stole several tires and rims from yard.
S Park/Choate--harassment
80 Lockwood--ID theft--unk person did try to take money from account.
651 S Ogden--larceny--2 possible suspects listed.
363 Dingens(Storage Unit)--Burglary--House hold items stolen
731 Perry--1 arrest--DWI--Robbie M Bukowski..Cable st
22 Boone--tresspassing--1 arrest--Tanner Torres..Germania st
346 Hopkins--larceny--catalytic convertors stolen from 5 different vehicles.
22 Boone--1 arrest--Obstructing Officers--Tara Barbuto
100 Childs--Burglary--lock cut---Welder,Generator,Oxygen tanks stolen.
84 Parkview--UUV--suspect listed.
688 Fulton--Assault--1 arrest--Stephen Reska..Fulton st
688 Fulton--crim mis--1 arrest--Jason M Skrok...Fulton st--kicked car damaging same.

Sunday March 28th

11 Trowbridge--Burglary--1 arrest--Jesse McLaurin..Perrys t
24 Troupe --Burglary--clothing stolen
2113 S Park--Assault--1 arrest--Bruno Maliszewski..Fisher rd ..west Seneca
42 Kamper--larceny--2 suspects used victims debit card.
84 Parkview--Assault--1 arrset--Jacob Zierk
169 Ridgewood--crim mis/larceny from a car--vent window smashed--Sirus radio,IPhone charger,Sony radio stolen.
16 Crystal--crim mis--pipes to muffler cut
2133 S Park--Forgery--suspect listed.
1905 Clinton--crim mis--lock drilled on Buffalo news box
514 S Park--crim mis--rear door kicked in damaging door and frame.
84 Parkview--UUV--1 arrest--Jacob Zierk..Woodside

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