Monday, March 22, 2010

Buffalo-Amateur sports town USA

Buffalo really is a great amateur sports town. I think this article is right on the money. I didn't know about the Frozen Four or World Junior Hockey Championships coming here. I wrote a month ago about how the city should try and capitalize on the community's love of hockey to make it a true hockey town. I think this could be expanded to other amateur sports as well. Buffalo has some great facilities.For example, the Flickinger Center at ECC does a great job of hosting some big swiming tournaments.We need to find a point man who shares the same enthusiasm as the average citizen on sports. I don't think guys like Andrew Rudnick are getting it done. Chris Collins and Byron Brown need to find a point man to bring more events like the NCAA tournament here. We need to really roll out the red carpet so other groups want to bring their events here but last weekend's tournament was a good start.
Buffalo wins hearts of hoops fans : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

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