Monday, March 15, 2010

Seneca/Babcock 2005

I found this old clip on YouTube. It is worth showing again even though it is five years old. It shows how the people of the Seneca/Babcock neighborhood reacted when a group of liberals suffering from "white guilt" came down to their neighborhood from their suburban homes to try and tell them how they should live. How can you take anything from this story seriously? They interviewed the one guy while he was standing in front of Pandora's Boxxx. The last guy had a great line. He said, "We're not in the KKK. I'm Irish-Catholic. The KKK hates me as much as they hate blacks." I thought this was well said, despite the fact he was probably wearing a wife beater and smoking Newports when he said it.

I don't like to talk about race too much on here. However, blacks and poor whites have more in common with each other than these bleeding hearts from East Amherst. If they love Seneca/Babcock so much, why don't some of them relocate there? The residents should have egged their minivans and told them never to come back.

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