Saturday, March 27, 2010


Man, it must be nice to be from one of these South Buffalo entitled families. You know, to have a butler and a maid and a yacht. And all with little or no education.They are so tough and disciplined. I aspire someday to be just like them.

Right now. I guess I'll have to settle for making fun of them with words. Thank you google ads for paying me for the privilege to do so. Thank you to the 800-1000 readers a week who read this blog. Thank you privileged elite for giving us so much ammunition, as well. It's that time of year again. Start calling all your friends to get your rugrats their no-show summer youth jobs.Wait by the phone so they can tell you which crooks you have to support in November. While your mastering quantum physics, I'll just be here expressing my simple peasant thoughts.

Let's get this competition started. We're going to look at no show jobs, incompetent commissioners, hangers-on, political parasites, South Buffalo sycophants, and the residency violating blood suckers in city hall. Please don't waste your time trying to contact friends and relatives of mine. You have my email address. Talk to me directly.
I've always been taught to respect your opponent but it's kind of hard when your opponent is as lazy as ours is. We'll be adding another 100 or so email addresses into our database this week, but don't worry. We don't know anything about marketing. So please, let us know how we're doing. If you're one of the privileged elite, please let us know how you do it year after year. I'm fascinated by your unique skills set. If I can cut your lawn or wash your car in the future, I'd be honored for the opportunity to do so.

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