Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lazio is a dud

The state Conservative Party has decided to back Rick Lazio for Governor. No big surprise there. I got one word for Lazio. Dud. I can't say anything bad about him because he's never said or done anything of note. He ran a lackluster campaign against Carpetbagger Clinton, where he failed to generate any excitement or enthusiasm from the voters. The state leaders must have figured he'd stand up for New York City's interests more than the outspoken Carl Paladino. He and Honest Andrew Cuomo look like clones from a bad horror movie. Carl Paladino kind of looks like their crazy uncle. That's why I already know I'm voting for him should he beat Dud Lazio in the Republican primary.

Conservative Party leaders back Lazio for governor : City of Buffalo : The Buffalo News

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  1. I am leaning towards Steve Levy. Lazio is connected to all they lobbyists like Al d'Amato. Paladino critizes the state but became rich over state contracts.