Thursday, March 11, 2010

Miller-Williams: 'Gaming the System' while you and I struggle to pay our bills

How could anyone read this article in today's paper and not get angry? I've been calling for the County Legislature to be eliminated for several years now. It is a completely useless body which does absolutely nothing that the old VOLUNTEER Board of Managers didn't do. Some points from the article that should make people stand up and demand their government back (but probably won't)...

Barbara Miller-Williams is a Buffalo Police officer as well as the Majority Leader of the County Legislature. Last year, she racked up $51,000.00 in police overtime. This is not a misprint. It's hard to be sympathetic towards Buffalo police officers when most live in the suburbs, allow this blatant rip off of the taxpayers to go on, and then pull you over and harass you about your inspection sticker(because they are angry about their contracts.) Seriously, look around at the residents that pay your salaries and be very thankful for what you have.

"She's gaming the system, which is done by police officers all over the state, and it's costing the taxpayers a lot of money," said Lise Bang-Jensen, senior policy analyst with the Empire Center for New York State Policy, a research and advocacy organization based in Albany.
"This is why the public is upset by the high cost of government," she said.

Miller-Williams admits to working 15-20 hours a week as a County Legislator. Sadly, she and the rest of her colleagues in this do-nothing group probably work less than that. For this part time, unnecessary position, each makes $43,000.00/year. This is not a misprint, either.
Brian Higgins handpicked the borderline disabled Tim Kennedy as our representative, not long after he handpicked the intellectually challenged Jeff Conrad to become city Councilman . Kennedy supported Byron Brown over South Buffalo native Mickey Kearns because uncle Brian told him to do so. Kennedy also was part of a coalition of Republicans that pushed for Barbara Miller-Williams to be the Majority Leader. So when Kennedy asks you for your vote this summer for State Assemblyman, please ask him why he supported Barbara Miller-Williams for the Majority Leader position. He did so because he cares more about Bri-Bri than he does about you and I.

Lynn Marinelli claims to work 40-60 hours a week as a County Legislature. Marinelli is a liar. She is a snake oil saleswomen who hasn't worked 40-60 hours/week in her entire life. Lynn, you're not fooling anybody. Go back into your cave. Please wake up and stop reelecting the same crooks.

Legislature chairwoman's police OT is a pension lode : City & Region : The Buffalo News


  1. Are you saying the only things Buffalo cops do is to pull people over for inspection stickers? Spend a day or night on the lower west side or east side of buffalo and see what Buffalo Police do during there 10+ hour shift - a lot more than sit in a library and video tape coyotes. Yes, there are a few cops who milk the system, but the men and women of the BPD are extremely hard working. Instead of saying they should be thankful (which I agree, they should), you need to start to be thankful for them - as they protect and serve the city's residents, including you.

  2. I am thankful for police officers. I think they get paid well enough. My dispute was with the way they handled their last contract dispute (by taking it out on the citizens of the city).

    I felt they went way overboard (pulling people over on the way to Sabres games). That was not protecting and serving.

    What's your stance on residency? Do you think people would respect Bflo cops more if they lived at least close to the streets they patrolled? Whenever I've been a victim of a theft, I've been met with the tiresome phrase, "there's nothing we can do for you." And the way those particular cops dismissed me was done in a very arrogant manner.

  3. Have you taken this up with your nephew who is a Buffalo cop?
    The police have every right to pull people over or do road side stops. Follow the laws that are in place and you won't have a problem with such actions.
    As for residency, do a little research on residency requirements. You will find that it does not make streets/communities safer. Police officers are not going to live in crime ridden areas, such as the east and west sides of buffalo. If residency requirements existed, the officers would select areas that are considered safe - as many do now. No person in their right mind would choose to live in crime-infested parts of a city.

    As for being paid well... they are paid well and deserve to be. The vast majority of police officers work their asses off for 20 plus years and are then faced with the startling statistic of the average police officer dying 5 years after retirement. In addition, police work is very dangerous - they are willing to give their life for the citizens they protect, the vast majority they do not know. I have no problem with paying them for such dedication and commitement.

  4. I try not to discuss politics with family or friends or coworkers. It's a no-win situation for everyone involved. The "actions" you describe were more like childish stunts. It was garbage, and it didn't win police any support within the community. I have nothing against cops. I just think they should live in the city they patrol.

    If things are so bad pay wise, how come no police officers ever leave to pursue other careers? It is a very dangerous job,which all cops know when they accept the job. There are many dangerous jobs (construction, taxi drivers, convenience store clerks). What Miller-Williams is doing is an insult to the taxpayers.

  5. Police should live in the city. Drug dealers will not run a drug house next to a police officers house. Every street in south buffalo has a house where the cars come and go all day. If a cop took his kid to the play ground and had to deal with the gangs something might get done. If you live outside the city you should pay a fee for salt and snow plowing and all the other services that make it possible for you to get to work. If I ever have to run from a cop, I hope it's Miller Williams ,it would take her an hour to get over a fence.