Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tim Kennedy=Phony

Here's how hypocritical County Legislator Tim Kennedy is. Two years ago, many Buffalonians tried to tell people Bill Stachowski had been in office long enough. Kennedy and Brian Higgins were out in the streets telling you and your neighbors how Bill Stachowski's reelection was critical to our area receiving services from Albany. They even manned a campaign headquarters on Abbott Rd. and Dorrance for Stachowski as he was involved in a very close race with Dennis Delano. Their claims were an outright lie.

Kennedy is being led by Steve Pigeon, Western New York's number one parasite. Now, Kennedy is trying to sell you the exact opposite, labeling Stachowski as a"30 year incumbant". Don't fall for either of these two clowns. Kennedy calls Brian Higgins every morning to ask him what color socks he should wear that day. Both he and Stachowski are followers, not leaders. Neither deserves your vote. EVER.
Democratic leaders endorse Stachowski : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

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