Saturday, March 20, 2010

Harvest House

I saw this story on Channel 2 about Gary and Linda Tatu. It talks about how much they have accomplished since they sold their house in the suburbs and bought an old, dilapidated church on Seneca St.

I was there in their first year when they met much opposition from neighbors. I ran a two month indoor soccer program in an attempt to get more kids from Seneca St. involved in our summer soccer leagues.I'll never forget how hospitable Gary and Linda were towards me and how much physical work Gary put into improving the building. He always had his blue Harvest House t-shirt and wore a giant cross.Not many people know that the two are Roman Catholics.

They talk about their early years and mention the soccer program in a book they co-authored. Gary has been diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia. However, he still works tirelessly to improve the neighborhood. Watch this clip to see how much two people can accomplish with little more than faith and a hammer.

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