Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pastor Fred

This guy doesn't look too crazy, does he? Believe it or not, I'm not smart enough to serve on the Supreme Court. However, here's my take on the case of the protesters that show up at military funerals with signs saying things like, "thank God for dead soldiers" :

Free speech is what makes this country great. However, I believe there should be certain limits, with this case being a clear example. There should be a certain respect for all deceased people. The rights of the friends and families of the victims should supercede any rights protected by free speech. I'm calling it the common sense amendment. The Founding Fathers of our country would be rolling over in their graves like Congressman Eric Massa with one of his male staffers if they knew we were allowing this nonsense to happen.

This guy Fred Phelps is an obvious wacko. He is very good at marketing himself and his "cause". To me, this is worse than yelling fire in a crowded theatre. What they really should do is give him a one way ticket to Iraq or Pakistan and let him exercise his right to free speech over there.

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