Thursday, March 25, 2010

Paladino's message to Manhattan Congressman: Piss off!

This is why we must rally around Buffalo developer Carl Paladino. I don't work for him. I don't know him. When he makes statements that get career politicians up in arms, that's a good thing. One thing Paladino doesn't claim to be is politically correct, and that's another good thing. Look what political correctness has gotten us. A bunch of phonies in Buffalo, Albany, and Washington. Grandstander of the week Jerrold Nadler took issue with Paladino's comments regarding 9/11.

Here was Paladino's response to the Manhattan Congressman/blowhard:

“Your statement drips with the pomposity and arrogance we have come to expect from our rotten ruling class, so busy clawing for campaign contributions they can’t find the time to understand the bill,” Paladino said in a letter to Nadler. “I am not impressed that you kissed enough [rear ends] to chair a committee of politicians in the Congress, and the fact that you are chairman of a House Judiciary Subcommittee hardly means you are an authority on the constitutionality of the ‘Obamacare’ law.”

Look for the New York city press to try and crucify Paladino because he doesn't represent their selfish interests. I'm not saying I agree with Paladino's stance on health care but I do stand for his right to express it. This clown from New York should stick to fundraising with the Manhattan elite and leave the real issues to guys like Paladino.

Paladino expands horizon for political controversy : City & Region : The Buffalo News


  1. Are you freaking dense! Paladino is one of the biggest Welfare queens in this city. You are angry about what the Comerfords are upto, yet you are going to rally behind a man who wants to make Buffalo, ny nothing more than parking lots/ramps and empty lots filled with grass(but atleast the grass is cut). Why doesn't he take his 10 million and make the city more appealing to outsiders? O wait that won't get his name in the papers.

  2. his $10 million dollars is his. he earned it as a private businessman. i like him because he seems to be one of the only people speaking his mind. is he right on every issue? i agree with his parking beliefs? no. what will we get with lazio or cuomo? more of the same status quo. paladino is vowing to clean up the rats. that will be worth the entertainment value alone to me. i like hime because he's plainspoken and not full of crap like these career political families.