Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hoyt and Golombek: Two of North Buffalo's finest idiots

The Hertel Avenue police station has mold in it. The city is moving to another location for safety reasons. End of story. Right? Wrong. Watch how Assemblyman jackass and Common Council Pansie Joe Golombek use the media to try and turn it into a political issue to help them.

Mold-infested police station will likely be relocated

A Hertel Avenue police station that was closed last month due to mold problems will likely be temporarily relocated to an old school in the Riverside neighborhood, The Buffalo News has learned.

City officials are in the final stages of negotiating a deal to move operations of the Northwest District police station to the former All Saints School at Esser Avenue and Eckhert Street. The vacant complex is located just east of Riverside Park.

News of the likely relocation came Friday, the same day that Brown and Council members received a letter from state Assemblyman Sam Hoyt, D-Buffalo, commending Brown for making a “reasonable” decision to close the police station.

“I encourage you to hold a public information meeting where all of these questions can be answered openly and honestly,” Hoyt told the mayor in his letter. “Our police force and the entire community need these answers.”

Hoyt’s letter angered Golombek, who maintained residents have been keep abreast of developments. “He’s Sammy-come-lately,” said Golombek, almost shouting. “Sam should worry about what’s going on in Albany. This is simple grandstanding by Hollywood Hoyt.”

Is there a choice C in this Assembly race? Both these guys are idiots. Golombek is a big phoney who has added nothing to our city. Hoyt would be collecting shopping carts somewhere if his father wasn't the former Assemblyman. The fact that Hoyt keeps getting reelected makes me think the people of North Buffalo are very dumb. Anyone with half a brain can see right through him. All he ever does is grandstand and chase around college interns. When he tries to talk, all he does is embarrass himself. Both of these do-nothings need the hook.

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