Monday, March 22, 2010

Protests over health care debate

First the brick throwing incident at Louise Slaughter's office in Niagara Falls, now this. I'm glad to see people are finally watching the way Congress operates. I just hope they use tact and protest peacefully.

I haven't heard enough specific information on the health care plan to form an opinion either way. I know people that don't like Obama, don't like the plan. People that do like him think it's a great plan. But I don't hear either side talking specifics yet. I know I have no health insurance and work two jobs. Hopefully, this will be a good start but only time will tell.

Vandals strike AZ congresswoman's Tucson office : 24 Hour Breaking News : The Buffalo News


  1. All this will do for people like you is make you buy health insurance. Even if the cost is cut in half, you will still have to come up with thousands of dollars a year. If you quit one of your jobs you will get it free. Quit both your jobs you will get free housing ,food , a phone and health care. America , the only place in the world where the poor are fat and have 60 inch TV's


    Interesting take on health care in some of the interviews on this site. Basically there is some reform that was done that is needed. It's not socialist and barely progressive. There is no public option or single payer system.
    The govt isn't doing enough to regulate cost even. They did do a few good things with in the bill, but it's very mediocre and even does good things for evil corporate america. Supposedly that is going to change but doubt it.
    For anyone who thinks it's socialist or progressive try checking out websites and publication that are leftist. Mother Jones, Progressive magazine, etc are all critizing it.
    Have a nice day! Thanks for posting the police reports. Really do appreciate it.

  3. thank you. i appreciate the link. i'll check it out soon. it's such a divisive issue right now. i just hope people can debate it without getting violent.