Friday, March 12, 2010

Cat missing? Coyote filmed behind school in South Buffalo

We were sitting in the school library today when one of the six students in the room spotted what looks like a coyote running around the baseball diamonds at Okell Field. Like any decent blogger would, I quickly grabbed my camera from my coat. I'm about 80% sure it's a coyote. It could be a coyote-dog mix. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the clips we were able to get. Sorry about the camera shaking. It shakes when it zooms in on things and the animal was at least 100 yards away. We got some very good close ups, though.


  1. Five coyotes are living on the hill near south park lake. DEC told me they are eating cats at the junk yard on Hopkins st.

  2. thanks. you have two junkyards, woods, a stream, and railroad tracks right there by that hill. not to mention rabbits, squirrels, etc. i think they look was extremely fast.